Alberta implementing HPV Test of Cure
Starting September 15, Alberta will implement a new clinical approach in colposcopy care, known as Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Test of Cure (ToC). 
What is HPV ToC?
This test will be used to determine which colposcopy patients will need ongoing follow-up in colposcopy from those who can be safely discharged to primary care. 
Colposcopy patients six months post treatment for high-grade lesions will be eligible for testing in the new HPV ToC pathway.
The use of HPV ToC will facilitate the safe discharge of 2,000 to 3,000 patients annually to primary care.
HPV ToC will contribute to more effective, efficient and patient-centred colposcopy care, resulting in improved patient care, improved colposcopy capacity and cost savings.
What should Primary Care Providers know?
Only colposcopists can order this test. Patients with negative HPV results will return to primary care. A communication from the colposcopist will be sent to referring providers. Continue to follow the TOP cervical clinical practice guidelines for patients returning to your care.
Elimination of cervical cancer requires screening and vaccination. Remind patients that screening is important even with the HPV vaccine.
Visit and click on “HPV Testing” for more information and resources.
Have questions? 
Contact Bonnie Chiang, Program Manager, Alberta Cervical Cancer Screening Program ( 

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