AMA staff announcements: Service milestones and retirement
We are congratulating nine AMA staff members who, over the last two years, reached a significant service milestone. Additionally, we are celebrating the retirement of one long-term AMA employee..
We are proud to congratulate these employees on their significant years of service to the AMA and our members:
25 years of service
  • Marisa Bonuccelli (Consultant, Allocation and Fees) celebrated 25 years of service in 2020
  • Linda Ertman (Negotiations Project Analyst) celebrated 25 years of service in 2020
  • Clayton French (Systems Administrator) celebrated 25 years of service in 2021
  • Teresa Simpatico-Fadi (Coordinator, Physician Locum Services) celebrated 25 years of service in 2022
  • Cameron Plitt (Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer) – Will celebrate 25 years in Nov 2022
30 years of service
  • Shannon Rupnarain (Assistant Executive Director, Public Affairs) celebrated 30 years of service in 2022
  • Cris Fleck (Manager, Executive Office) celebrated 30 years of service in 2022
  • Kirsten Sieben (Team Lead, Membership and Benefits) celebrated 30 years of service in 2022
  • Glenn McAthey – Director, ADIUM Insurance – Will celebrate 30 years in November 2022
Retiring from the AMA

We would like to announce that Kirsten Sieben, Team Lead, Membership and Benefits will be retiring on September 30, 2022 after 30 years with AMA. Over Kirsten’s 30 year tenure with the AMA, she lead the complete replacement of our membership system twice, implementing MSIS membership almost 25 years ago and the Compass membership module last year. She also lead numerous projects to enhance our systems and processes, including the implementation of electronic payment processing, collection of section and zone dues and member charitable contributions. Her knowledge, experience and presence will be greatly missed by members and staff but we truly wish her the best in her well earned retirement.

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