MD Financial Management can help with more than RRSP and TFSA contributions
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Is your investment plan still on track to achieve your retirement goals?

As a physician, saving for retirement is different for you than for most other professionals. On top of that, many physicians have made adjustments, personally and professionally, because of the pandemic and its ongoing impact on the health care system.
Did you know?
One in five physicians has delayed savings contributions because of the pandemic.*
While making contributions is great, many physicians are unsure if their investment plan is still suitable for their goals. Wondering if your investment strategy still makes sense? Has your strategy been disrupted? Are you looking to catch up? Are you uncomfortable with what you’re investing in? MD Financial Management (MD) can help.

Achieve your retirement goals, whatever they may be, with physician-focused advice. Only MD focuses solely on physicians and their families. We’ll work with you to clearly define your goals. Then we’ll develop a plan that’s uniquely yours to help you achieve those goals while minimizing investment risk.

Beyond RRSPs and TFSAs, we’ll also review all other opportunities. We’ll look at strategies to maximize your wealth and save on taxes, like investing through corporate accounts and spousal RRSPs, to name a few. The options for you will depend on your life, career stage and family circumstances. 

Need help getting started or back on track? Need a second opinion on your current strategy?

We can help with physician-focused advice. 

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*2021 MD Physician Retirement Readiness Study. 

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